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HEROES at Upcell Alliance event - Copenhagen, Denmark

HEROES was presented at the Upcell Alliance event in Copenhagen, Denmark on 13 April 2023.

The European Battery Manufacturing Alliance - Upcell – seeks to create a unique European battery ecosystem for the players in the battery manufacturing value chain. On 13 April 2023, the alliance hosted an event at The Royal Opera House in Copenhagen with participants from governments, industry, and academia. The event consisted of presentations and panel discussions.

There seems to be a big will from European governments to support the battery manufacturing industry, but it is clear that strong collaboration between the different actors involved is required to succeed. The HEROES project is a good example of cooperation between industry and academia. Assoc. Prof. Erik Schaltz from the Department of Energy at Aalborg University, Denmark, had the pleasure to present the battery research activities at AAU Energy including the HEROES project.

The challenge of the need to expand electric vehicles (EVs) fast charging infrastructures was discussed at the event. The HEROES system is innovative as it consists of a hybrid energy storage station for EVs fast charging. It is a potential solution to overcome this hurdle as it can be installed on the low voltage grid without stressing the local network during peak demands.

The fast growing demand for EV batteries result in many opportunities for battery manufacturers and equipment providers, but as it also was discussed, it is not without challenges to introduce new innovations for mass production as users expect same or better performance at same or lower cost.


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