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The main objective of the HEROES project is to develop and demonstrate an innovative system consisting of a state-of-the-art Li-ion capacitor (LiC) with optimized balance of power and energy for EVs fast charging. This will be combined with Li-ion batteries (LiBs) to store high amounts of energy and serve as back-up when the charging demand of EVs surpasses the LiC and grid connection capacity. The HEROES system takes advantage of both storage technologies and is suitable for both high-power and high-energy applications, creating a system that has a higher efficiency and better performance.

The project outcomes will be key enablers for the cost-effective deployment of EVs fast charging stations and will contribute to overcome one of the major bottlenecks for the wide adoption of EVs across Europe, without the need for major investments in the grid. To achieve this overall objective, specific scientific and technical objectives have been set.  

Heroes Lightnings
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