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Updates from the project - June 2024


As the end of HEROES is approaching, the project is achieving significant milestones in the development of the Hybrid Energy Storage Station. The last testing in the lab was successfully conducted by our partner Siemens, along with the project engineers and other technical experts from Fraunhofer ICT and Beyonder.

Project engineers and technical experts during the final testing of the HEROES system at Siemens June 6th

The components are now installed at Frauhofer ICT site in Karlsruhe, where they will be available until the end of October, including the HEROES final event. This system will demonstrate the perks of combining high-power, fast charging cells for peak shaving with the high energy LiB cells providing energetic back-up. The concept of the pilot site was successfully developed, with all the mechanical and electrical components selected and sized to fit the demonstrator. Furthermore, safety mechanisms have been implemented too, ensuring operational safety. This demonstrator aims to charge multiple cars simultaneously without investment in low voltage grids. However, due to the high costs involved, it will have only one charging point to showcase the speed of charging.

The latest project developments include high power modules, a Battery Management System (BMS) for the high-power cells developed by LBA, and a DC/DC converter and an Energy Management System (EMS), as well as other cell testing and algorithm development tasks carried out by our partners. Before the HEROES project soon comes to an end, a few tasks need to be finished. These include the Life Cycle Analysis and environmental impact evaluation by ENSO and the market assessment and data management plan by Sustainable Innovation. The last consortium meeting, organised by our coordinator EASE and Fraunhofer ICT, will be held on October 10th at the Fraunhofer ICT facilities, alongside with the HEROES final event.


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