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Updates from the project - June 2022

The project started on May 1st, 2021 and it has now been one year that partners are actively working on the project! The key achievement so far is the development of the Lithium-ion Capacitor cell (LiC) with a specific power of 5kW/kg and a specific energy of 80Wh/kg. The Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) provides the material for cell characterization and testing, and for the development of SoX (state-of-charge, state-of-health, and state-of-power), this is provided by Aalborg University in Denmark. Cell characterization is important for analysing the features of the cell, and SoX algorithms are important for the development of battery packs (battery modules and racks).

Beyonder has demonstrated that the LiC cells have excellent lower temperature discharge and even charge performances. The cells have passed nail penetration, external short-test and 85°C4h high temperature storage. Also, prelithiation is proven to improve cycle life significantly. The picture below shows a LiC pouch cell developed in the project that will be used for demonstrating the impact of LiC for the HEROES system. As shown in the picture, Beyonder’s LiC cell are much thinner than commercial Lithium-ion Batteries (LiB). The LiC cell is made from many layers of electrode.

Lithium Balance (LBA) in Denmark is developing rack for the LiB and Battery Management System. Work is ongoing. LBA works closely with Siemens who is responsible for the system integration. Siemens is currently working on developing an isolated DC/DC charger between LiC and electrical vehicle (EV), and on the development of an Energy Management System.

ElringKlinger, located in Germany, has performed tests on prototype cells and started designing modules for LiC. As Beyonder’s LiC is a new type of battery cell, cell testing and simulations are essential for the development of LiC modules and LiC racks.

The HEROES system will be installed and demonstrated at a location in Germany, most likely in Munchen on the site of Be-storaged. Be-storaged is about to start the process of agreeing on a location for installation of the system. The system installed will be a demonstrator and not a ‘ready to market’.

An exploitation plan is developed by Sustainable Innovations, and they are currently working on both stationary energy storage and EV market analysis and how partners can exploit the results from the HEROES project.

ENSO Innovation is working on a questionnaire for partners to provide data for sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis for the HEROES system.

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is ensuring an effective communication for the project. Follow the project on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter) to not miss any updates!

The first meeting for the External Advisory Board is planned to be held in November 2022.


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