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Significant milestone achieved for the next generation fast charging station for EVs

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A significant milestone in the HEROES project has been reached as all battery cells produced by Beyonder are being delivered to ElringKlinger for the development of the battery modules for the Hybrid Energy Storage Stations.

The Beyonder HEROES team represented by: Omar Nahem Shagouri (Project engineer),

Xiaoyong Xia (Product principal), Turi kvame Lorentzen (Coordinator).

The next key milestones are:

  • Production of battery modules by ElringKlinger

  • System integration and testing of the system at Siemens

  • Installation and real-life demonstration of the HEROES system in Germany by Be-storaged

The project is on schedule and we are excited about the project progress!

The HEROES consortium partners: Aalborg University, be-storaged, Beyonder, EASE, ElringKlinger, Enso Innovation, IFE, Lithium Balance, Siemens, Sustainable Innovations


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