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Interview with Beyonder

For a chance to get to know better the work of the project, we are introducing to you a series of interviews with the HEROES project partners, who will provide an insight into their experiences and tasks within the project.


This interview takes place with Turi Kvame Lorentzen, Soft Funding Manager at Beyonder and coordinator of the project.

Beyonder is developing sustainable, high power, fast charging, and long lifetime batteries based on sawdust instead of cobalt and nickel. The company has top modern R&D lab for battery development, and has developed a pilot for battery production.

What is the role of your organization in the HEROES project? What about your role?

Beyonder is proud Coordinator for HEROES. An important project for Beyonder and partners in the HEROES consortium.

How do you see the cooperation between the project partners?

I think the cooperation in general is good. As normal for larger R&D project with challenging tasks to solve and tight schedule. Partners sometimes find it challenging to deliver input and contribution within deadlines. Microsoft Teams is a great tool for cooperation and coordination of larger European consortium like HEROES. We had a great consortium meeting in Sandnes at Beyonder’s facilities in June this year, it was great to meet each other in person.

What challenges have you met during the work with the HEROES project and how did you overcome them?

We have experienced some technical challenges in accordance with schedule of the project. Some tasks have shown to be more challenging than first anticipated when the proposal was written.

What do you like more about HEROES?

Beyonder really enjoy cooperating with other European partners in developing new technologies into commercial products and contribute to increase the electrification of the transport sector. Beyonder’s vision is to contribute to the green transition.

What applications and benefits are expected to be achieved at the end of the project?

  • Successful demonstration of HEROES, results achieved according to plan.

  • HEROES demonstrated as a potential commercial product that can contribute to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector in Europe.

  • Opportunities for further work with partners towards a commercial product.

  • Several business opportunities together with HEROES partners and new partners.

What is going to happen in the following months in your work?

The next months, Beyonder will focus on producing Lithium+ion Capacitors (LiC) cells to the demonstrator for HEROES and to produce some prelithiated cells with Si-anode together with IFE. Beyonder will also as Coordinator ensure project progress and that deliverables and milestones are delivered on time, as well as ensure mid-term report is submitted to the European Commission.

What positive impact did the project activities have in your organisation?

  • Cooperation with other companies in development of the HEROES system.

  • It challenges us to deliver LiC cells on time and with quality as promised.

  • We are eager to demonstrate the benefit of Beyonder’s LiC for the Hybrid Energy Storage Station, and to develop the HEROES system as a commercial product together with partners.


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