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HEROES at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Beyonder attended the Global Clean Energy Action Forum on September 22-23 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The team also attended a joint convening of the 13th Clean Energy Ministerial and the 7th Mission Innovation ministerial.

Governments, international organizations, the private sector, academia, the civil society, early career researchers and policymakers joined together in a three-day event that featured a high-level plenary, interesting roundtables with energy and science ministers from 31 countries, CEOs and field experts.

Beyonder was selected as 1 out of 52 companies worldwide to showcase their breakthrough technology. They experienced a great response from the participants with their high power battery technology and met with very interesting organizations, companies and governments. ElringKlinger joined the exhibition with the HEROES battery module to show the project's batteries packed system, and together made a successful and innovative display. Further, the use of sawdust as a material for Beyonder’s batteries was introduced by a ‘timber challenge’ that was very popular.

The U.S. Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, visited the Beyonder's showcase and the team had the chance to explain its technology and why it is essential for the green transition. She showed great interest in the technology and wanted to be informed about future developments and achievements.

The HEROES video was presented and the HEROES technology was explained in details to an interested audience. The feedback was very positive and all said ‘this is what we need’!


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