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HEROES at the EV Nordic Summit

In April of last year, experts and representatives of the electric vehicle industry gathered in Oslo for the Nordic EV Summit. The purpose of the summit was to exchange global best practices, showcase the latest advancements in battery production research and development, and discuss the challenges that the market and the EV field will face in the future. On April 4 and 5, attendees and industry insiders had the opportunity to attend several presentations and keynotes covering topics such as the success story of the Norwegian electric vehicle market and the development of EVs from a global perspective.

Together with Omar Shagouri, Sergen Tuzenli, and Elise Ekstrom, the project coordinator Turi Kvame Lorentzen proudly represented the HEROES project. They had the opportunity to showcase the contributions made to the electric vehicle industry and exchange ideas that will propel the revolution in electric mobility. At the Summit, attendees and exhibitors were excited to hear about the HEROES role in electrifying transportation as well as our hybrid energy storage system.


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