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HEROES at the Danish Battery Summit 2023 - Sønderborg, Denmark

Last week, Erik Schaltz and Gautam Sethia from the Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University presented the HEROES H2020 project at the Danish Battery Summit on March 2nd in Sønderborg, Denmark.

Stakeholders from the Danish battery sector gathered during the one day event to learn about different aspects related to batteries. The focus of the event was the whole value chain of batteries from mining to production to usage to 2nd life usage of batteries.

Erik Schaltz, Associate Professor in E-Mobility at Aalborg University, explained It is clear that critical raw materials is an issue when battery production has to be scaled up due to the increased electric vehicle demand and need to store fluctuating energy from renewables. Raw material production is centralized on few countries and regions. Several technologies are in play to cope with this, e.g. supercapacitors, flow batteries, high voltage batteries, cobalt-free batteries, lithium free sodium-ion batteries’.

HEROES, with its innovative charging solutions, was present at the Danish Battery Summit to disseminate and raise awareness on the project and its objectives.


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